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Hi, I'm Piper, and I made this game. It's been a labor of love for almost a year and I hope you enjoy it. To me, there's nothing quite as hot as a tatted up, pierced up, wicked hot alternative babe dripping with attitude and rocking awesome hair.

I mean, seriously. Think about it. I did. And then I thought, whoa, I should make a game with that. So yeah, I did that too.

·Hot Alternative Sex : Inked Ravens is a fully interactive virtual sex simulator for Windows PCs.   Alternative edgy punk guys and girls come to life in realtime 3D graphics and sound and give you complete control over the action.

·Millions of Characters : Randomly generated characters means you'll never run out of options. Find someone you like? Cool, make them a favorite and call them up any time you want. I love alt models and punk chicks, so you can rest assured that I went all out and included a ton of super cool stuff. Piercings, tattoos, ear plugs, colored hair, mohawks, chipped nail polish, it's all in there.

·13 Amazing Sex Positions : Inked Ravens comes with 13 fluidly animated sex positions, ready to use. This is a full game with everything you need to jump right in and do what you want to do.

·Total Immersion : The "Sex Control" option let's you use your mouse to organically control the speed and motions of the characters while they have sex. Find the right flow and it will be an experience you won't soon forget. You also have total control over the camera so you can put it anywhere you like for the look you want.

·Play Now! Sound good? Get Inked Ravens here!

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