Inked Ravens Full Version Update:

Update to official version 1.054

Please download the full version installer here to update to version 1.054.
If you can play Inked Ravens without it asking for an update then you probably don't need to download this file.

Version Notes

Version 1.053 - 1.054
  • Added "Undo" function for characters. If you randomize and then think "no!" you can hold control and then click the undo button (or just hit CTRL+Z).
  • Fixed issue with serial numbers not properly validating.
Version 1.052
  • Fixed problem where "start over" in the main menu could result in hilariously glitchy characters. Oops.
Version 1.051
  • Added tutorials
  • Improved some poses where things were a little... weird.
  • Revised position names. I forgot to put in the final ones when I released the previous version!
  • Improved the interface
  • Improved speed a bit
  • Fixed bug with nose piercings spinning out of control like some sort of wild spinning, uh... thing
  • Added loading progress indicator
  • Tweaked graphics so it looks even better
  • Some other tiny crap...
  • Changed version number - Adult Virtual Sex Game

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